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Leadership for Sustainable Growth

What does Commoncolors stand for?

How do we define Mindfulness and Creativity and link them to Sustainable Growth?

While everybody is focusing on Sustainability at a macro-level, i.e., big initiatives, in Commoncolors, we focus on a micro-level, i.e., Leadership for Sustainable Growth.

We define Sustainability as a way of living and working that balances short term needs with long term perspectives on healthy growth and well-being.

  • For leaders, it means they can make good use of assets for continuous growth in business.

  • For companies, it means they can take an inclusive attitude and keep innovating for Sustainability.

  • For individuals, it means being authentic and nimble for working at a pace they can be productive.

We see that there are two fundamental ways to achieve Sustainable Growth:


We agree on its simple definition of Mindfulness: Non-judgemental awareness of being and doing in the present moment.

While many courses on Mindfulness focus on relief from stress and focus on immediate tasks at work, in Commoncolors, our scope expands to the full awareness of all values, goals, emotions, behaviors, relationships with others, and our impact on the world. We think the ethics and the concept of inter-being are an integral part of Mindfulness.


We think Creativity is not the domain reserved for a few artistic people in the world. We believe everyone is born creative; thus, creative potential can be developed even when we conduct a “serious” business. It is about always having a broad perspective, out of box thinking, seeing how seemingly unrelated concepts can be combined or complicated things can be simplified.

Mindfulness x Creativity

Combining our understanding of brings the following:

  • Seeing the reality as it is

  • Being aware of any biases and obsessions that blur our perception

  • Being open to experimenting

  • Being open to possibilities

  • Eliminating waste

  • Inclusivity for all possibilities and resources, including people’s unique ideas

We believe such a mindset that combines Mindfulness with Creativity will bring a long-term perspective in conducting business, which is needed for achieving growth without sacrificing Sustainability.

About "Commoncolors"

The name Commoncolors was coined in 2006 as a way to focus on shared values and similarities among cultures. It brings the concepts of Inclusivity, Respect for Diversity, and Creativity.


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