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Sustainability: One person and one company at a time

Updated: May 2, 2023

Here is a discussion I participated on what is happening in Japan right now, and how the collective consciousness is shifting towards increased sustainability.

(The video is in Japanese.)

After watching the video again, I feel hopeful that Japan can and will do more for global efforts in building sustainability. The Japanese have thrived in these islands for centuries, and now other nations are trying to maintain living in their "islands." We need to,

1- Work towards growing the seeds of benevolence in each person.

2- Support corporates in taking the initiative to co-create new opportunities.

3- Be present and collaborate more on a global scale.

Wake Up Japan ( is supporting leadership and organizational transformation in Japan. They provide Co-Active Coaching® trainings, coaching certification, leadership assessments, and consultation. I am one of the partner Executives Coaches there.


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