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Deep in new reality

Updated: May 1, 2023

It has been on my mind:

"I have a website. I need to work on it, update it."

But a year has passed.

Now I have new projects and new ideas, so I need to be back.

Since April 2021,

  • I spent 3 months in Istanbul to take care of the family there

  • Delivered hundreds of hours of online coaching on digital coaching platforms and to my personal clients

  • Delivered hours of online training sessions on many topics, such as leadership communications, harassment/abuse presentation, coaching others, resilience, mindfulness, stress management

  • Delivered hours of mentor coaching

  • Delivered workshops geared toward senior leaders

  • Provided hours of IT consulting work for a global Japanese insurance company

  • Taught courses at Temple University, Continuing Education Program, and my usual course at Rikkyo University

  • Have become a faculty in MasterCoach coach training program

  • Started my doctoral project

It seems I am now interested in supporting digital transformations and tech evolution from a psychology and coaching perspective. It will be an interesting integration of all I have done so far.


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