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Focusing on what matters for the future

Updated: May 2, 2023

I think I will remember the days before March 3rd, 2020 as "my life before Coronavirus (COVID-19)," aka "BC." On that day, I conducted training, which was supposed to be face to face, on Zoom. I visited a client and walked in the busy streets of Ginza. I wrote instructions for my students in Temple U. Japan Continuing Education Program in Dean & DeLuca near the Yaesu side of Tokyo Station. I worried about small staff, e.g. cancellations and delays.

That was 4 weeks ago. When I remember that day, the only thing that was meaningful (to me) was the email I sent to the students. They all remembered that day we switched to online, and our connection got even deeper.

Now it feels true for other things too.

Am I using my energy and resources on the things that will matter tomorrow?

Here I am.

Like many foreigners in Japan and other countries, for the first time in 25 years, I am cut off from my mom and sister in Istanbul. We have no idea if or when they will get sick. They worry about me the same way.

Every day could really be the last day when we talk to each other and laugh together (on the phone.) Maybe tomorrow is the last day of our lives.

That is why I decided to focus on only the things that matter for a better future.

There are so many meaningful causes to focus out there.

But, I am choosing to focus on Sustainability. It is not directly related to the current pandemic caused by Coronovirus (Covid-19), many people hopefully will remember how we are related to each other and how vulnerable our future on the planet is.

While so many people focus on knowledge and awareness, I think there is a role for me to focus on deeper issues: the psychology of sustainability, innovation, and leadership.

BC was about doing things not necessarily out of joy and meaning, but after April, I will listen to myself more often. If there is something that doesn't feel right, I won't pretend it is good.

In Japanese they say 素直, which means being true to oneself. I knew I wasn't enjoying things for some time.

It is time for me to be more sunao. Then post-Corona (COVID-19), I will focus more on things I would like to so, and less on things I do for money, etc.


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