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Celebrating my graduation

Updated: Apr 19

Last Saturday, I completed my oral defense. After discussing my performance, the members of my doctoral project committee greeted me by saying, "Congratulations, Dr. Mete!"

It was a lot of hard work since November 2017. It got even more difficult after I left the corporate as I had to also start my business.

It is all over now.

Or, it is a new beginning.

My committee members asked if I would continue my research. I said, yes.

I discovered a new and exciting area of interest. I will be a waste if I don't.

And, here I am in Kagoshima, Kyushu.

Such a great place to celebrate my graduation. I learned a lot about the importance of the region in shaping the history of Japan.

The local rulers of Satsuma (today's Kagoshima), Shimadzu family, started with a dream and built a vision of how things (the country, Japan) should be in the future. They took action and pioneered in bringing new technologies and ideas to Japan. For centuries, they focused on education as they thought the people were the most important asset.

As finished my doctorate and became a PsyD (Doctor of Psychology), I now have a new vision. It is just a matter of starting.


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