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Closing one chapter, starting another one

Updated: Apr 19

Finally, I received my diploma and my official transcripts.

9 years ago around this time, I was on my way to Hong Kong to attend training and an leadership kick-off meeting, representing my product development team at LexisNexis Japan. I wasn't sure which university to pick for starting a degree in Psychology. Having an online degree wasn't seen highly by others but I couldn't effort to quit my full-time job. The university I chose seemed solid, real, and extremely focused on student experience, so I started.

It was a long and tough journey but I came through and I came out transformed.

It was a gradual process but I really felt a change when I started to write the analysis chapters of my doctoral project on Digital Wellbeing. I felt a deep connection to the topic and felt there could be so much further research done on many questions that needs to be examined.

At the end of the tunnel, it was as if I saw a new land of winding roads, misty hills, and forests. So many opportunities.


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