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Books I read on Futures Studies-1

Over the past year, my fascination with futures studies has grown exponentially. I've been avidly collecting books on the subject, and as of May 1, 2023, this is my current reading list:

Become the Conscious Futurist the World Needs Now: An Introduction to Conscious Futures (Introduction to Futures Thinking) by Charlotte Kemp

Futures Literacy: The professional development skill we are missing (Introduction to Futures Thinking) by Charlotte Kemp

Chief Futures Thinking Officer: Developing Futures Thinking for a Collaborative Advantage (Introduction to Futures Thinking) by Charlotte Kemp

Foundations of Futures Studies by Wendell Bell

Longpath by Ari Wallach

The Future: A Very Short Introduction by Jennifer M. Gidley

Thinking about the Future: Guidelines for Strategic Foresight

by Andy Hines and Peter Bishop

Future: All That Matters by Ziauddin Sardar

The Third Chimpanzee by Jared Diamond

Imaginable: How to See the Future Coming and Feel Ready for Anything—Even Things That Seem Impossible Today by Jane McGonigal

As I delve deeper into this fascinating field, I anticipate that I'll begin integrating my learnings from futures studies into various aspects of my professional life. This includes my work in leadership and team development, my previous corporate experience in product development, and my current role as a researcher and academician.

Several intriguing ideas are taking shape in my mind. However, to refine these concepts and make them a reality, I need to engage in further reflection, consult with others in the field, and begin developing minimum viable products (MVPs) to test their feasibility.

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