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Join me in celebrating TELL, a Tokyo-based non-profit organization dedicated to mental health awareness in Japan, as I share highlights from their 50th-anniversary event and the secrets behind their success.

TELL's 50th anniversary took place at the Italian Embassy in Tokyo, where we had the privilege of meeting "Legends" who significantly contributed to the organization's growth.

The Secrets of TELL's Success:

  1. Meaning: TELL has a clear mission—promoting mental health awareness, preventing suicide, and supporting well-being. There is an ongoing need in Japan.

  2. Values: One of the "Legends" shared that many founders were missionaries, but they were determined to create an inclusive, non-religious organization. This decision has allowed TELL to attract volunteers and supporters from diverse backgrounds and belief systems.

I feel privileged to be a part of the TELL family, and I am eager to continue supporting this noble cause. As TELL embarks on its next chapter, let us celebrate its accomplishments and join hands in fostering a brighter future for mental health awareness in Japan.


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