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Starting the next 5 years

Updated: Apr 19

Today marks the end of my first 5 years in running my own business and the start of the next 5 years.

In order to reflect on the last 5 years and have a sense of direction for the next 5, I am in Mitake-sn for 3 days. Today, I went hiking around the most famous attractions, such as The Rock Garden, The Tengu Rock, and the Ayahironotaki Falls. Then, I continue to Mt. Otake. I had no special gear and just an average sneaker. It turned out to be much tougher than I thought. My legs hurt so much that I thought I would get cramps in my thighs, but luckily I could go to the peak and could walk back. It took over 6 hours! But it was great because I could test my limits.

It was similar to how I left corporate 5 years ago. I had little preparation in terms of networking. It was a free fall (or flying up?), and as of July 17, 2018, I was deep in the ocean of uncertainty. It was painful, but it seems working (knock on the wood).

I reflected today that, as they say, we are responsible for choosing a direction and taking one, not tentative, not half-hearted, but a firm step at a time. The rest works itself out, somehow. Today, strangers tried to help me when I looked lost (but in fact, I was just looking for a good place to take a picture), and they offered to take my picture at the peak.

I now have a new direction for my vision of 2032. I am not sure how it will work out but I will keep taking some firm steps in that direction. And, I will keep reviewing my old ways of thinking, compromises, inauthentic parts, and unnecessary pressures that only contribute to unproductive stress.

Thanks, Mt. Otake, today for teaching me a lesson.


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