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On the way to PsyD-1

Updated: Apr 19

In 2017, I enrolled in the PsyD program at California Southern University. At the outset, it seemed like a continuation of my master's program. However, as I delved into my doctoral project last year, I quickly realized that I had stepped into an entirely different arena. My journey required extensive research, critical thinking, meticulous writing, and constant communication with my doctoral project chair in the US.

My doctoral project focuses on "digital well-being" in the context of sustainability. The First Chapter demanded a clear definition of the problem and the creation of a comprehensive outline. As I progressed to the Second Chapter—a literature review that required an extensive exploration of 80-100 resources—I found myself immersed in a wealth of information on digital well-being, digital sustainability, User Experience (UX), Positive Computing, and Environmental Psychology. I pored over hundreds of resources to gain a deeper understanding of these subjects. Now, I am starting the Third Chapter, which centers on research methodology.

This challenging yet rewarding experience has expanded my horizons and sparked ideas for new career opportunities.


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