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Into the Futures Studies

Updated: Apr 19

As a kid, I remember my dad owning a copy of "Future Shock" by Alvin Toffler. At the time, the concept of "future shock" was beyond my comprehension. It wasn't until I revisited the book during the pandemic that I realized many of Toffler's predictions had come true over the years:

Information Overload: Toffler brilliantly foresaw that we would be swamped by the sheer volume of information around us. Today, this rings true as we're constantly bombarded with news, social media updates, and an endless flow of data. This information avalanche often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and struggling to discern what truly matters.

The Gig Economy Takes Off: Toffler insightfully predicted the shift from traditional long-term employment to more flexible, short-term work arrangements. The thriving gig economy, characterized by freelancing, part-time jobs, and contract work, now plays a vital role in today's job market, proving Toffler's vision was spot on.

Our Tech-Driven World: Toffler imagined a society deeply intertwined with technology, and his prediction has certainly come to pass. Tech now pervades every aspect of our daily lives, influencing how we communicate, travel, and even the gadgets that keep our homes running efficiently.

Customized Learning: Toffler forecasted a shift in education towards a more personalized approach, addressing the unique needs of each student. This vision is now materializing through online learning platforms, state-of-the-art adaptive learning technologies, and individualized learning plans.

The Breakneck Speed of Change: Central to Toffler's "Future Shock" was the idea that the pace of societal and technological change would keep accelerating. This prediction remains true today as we witness astonishing technological advancements that continuously reshape our world, opening up unparalleled opportunities and posing significant challenges for individuals, businesses, and governments.

Inspired by my newfound interest in futures studies, I enrolled in an online course offered by The University of Houston's Technology Department and earned a Certificate in Strategic Foresight. Working with Dr. Andy Hines, Laura Shlehuber, and my team of wonderful futurists was a wonderful experience.


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