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A new semester at Rikkyo University

Updated: Apr 19

It was exciting to be on campus again.

My course, "Introduction to Project Management," attracts students due to its hands-on nature and focus on leadership.

The stream of young students coming in and out of the campus is energizing.

This semester, the class size is smaller, which allows for more active participation.

I plan to expand on certain topics this year, including:

  • Vendor selection, budgets, and estimates (adding more focus to existing content)

  • Conflict within teams

  • Motivation theory

  • Stages of team development

  • Decision-making and biases that influence it

  • Productivity at both personal and team levels

  • Recent trends in agile and Software as a Service (SaaS) implementations

  • I'm looking forward to diving deeper into these subjects and fostering a dynamic learning environment for my students.


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