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Small acts of kindness

Today, I wasn't feeling too great, in fact as a bit sad.

I was thinking, what if Coronavirus comes and says, "Sorry, this was just an April Fool's Day joke. I am going to retreat to the forest!" Wouldn't be wonderful?

At the end, two things made my date.


I was talking to a client in the US on the phone. Our relationship is relatively new.

We talked about the general situation in the world.

Then, I mentioned how cases were dramatically increasing in Turkey, and how I was cut off from my mom and sister.

Suddenly, my client said, "If there is something urgent, please let me know. We have a wide network."

I wasn't expecting this kindness at all. I was so touched. Even when there is nothing they could do, saying it meant a lot.

I felt cared for.


I am in a WhatsApp group formed by my high-school friends. We are very close to each other. There are many doctors around us. Most of the time, they discuss about the recent research and the situation in their hospitals.

We have one friend who is working in a remote location in North-East Turkey. She is usually on the laboratory side, but due to the situation, today she had to take a shift.

She texted us before her shift. She was worried.

Then many people texted her back. Prayers, encouragement, dos and don'ts.

I said "wow."

That is it! I felt so touched again.

It was so meaningful.

I hope I can grow these kinds of examples.


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