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"Self-retreat" in the wilder side of Okinawa

Updated: Apr 19

After Mitake in western Tokyo, it was time to go all the way to the south, Okinawa. Unlike the last occasions, I was alone, which created a perfect chance for me to try a "self-retreat."

In self-retreat, I tried to get a digital detox as much as possible. And the part of Okinawa I visited, Uppama and Kagami Beaches, were less crowded and pretty clean. In fact, Kagami Beach near Okuma Beach (in Yanbaru, Kunigami) was almost empty.

When I just spent the early morning and late afternoons on the beach, all I could think was...nothing.

Hearing the wind and the waves was enough.

The great thing about Yanbaru is you can also enjoy the mountains and waterfalls.

I had a great time in Hiji Falls and Okuma Chijitake Hill.

Seeing new types of plants and insects, which were full of colors and life, reminded me of our interbeing. It was the real world, far away from online meetings and common problems of the corporate world.


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