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Seeing the light through

Over the weekend, I watched the recent Wim Wenders film, Perfect Days. It is an unusual story of an usual person in Tokyo.

We could see Tokyo not through the main character's eyes, but from the perspective of the director. How one can feel so connected to others and yet so lonely deeply resonated with me. Probably, that was I felt in 1996-97.

Blocks of concrete everywhere, modernism and traditionalism, indifferent and busy crowds, other lonely people.

But, also large parks, shrines, temples.

And so endless as we saw in the very last scene.

And I learned a new Japanese word: Komorebi - 木漏れ日, the son light that comes through layers of leaves.

When you watch the film, you will see the significance of this word.

The name of the film also reminded me that, yes, I also have many such perfect days.

I have a routine which is, of course very different from the main character's, which makes me also enjoy many moments throughout the day.

I do what I love, and I have freedom to change what doesn’t fit.

After all, it is all perfect.


It was an honor and pleasure to watch Koji Yakusho-san. Such an achievement!

He won The Best Actor award at Cannes Film Festival in 2023.

I remembered that I didn't know who he would become when I watched him in 1985 Juzo Itami film, Tampopo, when I was in İstanbul back in earyl 90s. I knew nothing about modern Japan, so I was so shocked by how he was playing the yakuza guy in white suit who was having a love affair.

It is such a pity that we hear so few about Itami-san, who had an entertaining and cynical attitude toward the Japanese society in the 80s and 90s until he died in suspicious circumstances.


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