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Blurring identities

Updated: Apr 19

Recently, I watched the YouTube video above and was impressed by the simplicity of the message: Humans are one race, "homo sapiens."

All differences we see among human populations can be explained by the beauty of diversity.

The topic resonated with me after my sister's visit to Japan.

After almost 30 years in Japan, even if my passport is still from Turkey, I am not sure what citizenship really means. When people ask me where I am from, I don't know how to answer. After all these decades, all I can say is, "I come from Chiba/Ichikawa."

Everything I have been doing, all my studies, my daily life, my volunteer work, the fact that I have been speaking multiple languages, and having friends, colleagues, and clients from various backgrounds have made me who I am: An "identity fluid" person.

And this is aligned with the direction of humanity, too.

We are not becoming colorless (like becoming race or gender-blind), but we are learning to enjoy and appreciate all those differences. We integrate. We become fluid.

People will flourish by speaking multiple languages, being in intercultural relationships, working in global organizations, mixing and respecting each others' faiths, gender, and sexual orientations.

Fixed obsessions, such as race and nationality, will hopefully transition to fluidity and more robust adjectives, e.g., "I am from the blue, pale dot."


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