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Listening (with Mindfulness)

I am wondering what it means to be mindful these days of dealing with the global pandemic.

So, maybe it is just listening to the,

  • People who are sick but trying to recover

  • People who are dying

  • People whose loved ones are sick or dying

  • People who try to save lives

  • People who try to keep the public order

  • People who are afraid

  • People who are trying to bring hope

  • People who are afraid of losing their jobs

  • People who have lost their jobs and are worried about how to survive

  • People who worry about corporate profits

  • People who worry about how to keep their businesses up and going

  • People who have hope toward the future and that there will be lessons learned from all these

Maybe it is all being aware of all these without trying to solve anything.

Not at the moment.


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