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Legends and feeling connected-2

Updated: Jun 13

Kyoto - The Eternal Capital.

I am not sure when, I think I saw this slogan on one JR posters.

So true.

Kyoto doesn't seem to care Edo/Tokyo has been the capital for more than 150 years.

The time flows at its own pace in Kyoto as you stand on one of those bridges over Kamogawa.

Countless temples invite you for a meditative walk.

This time I wanted to hike to Kurama Temple and Kifune Shrine.

The scene from Kurama Temple was beyond beautiful. The cool breeze from the deep green hills surrounding the temple provided a calm sanctuary from the extreme heat in Kyoto.

I realized that the history of the area went back to 770. It was no wonder the founders of the temple chose this location and established the temple that was meant to protect the city. The name of the new capital back in 794 was Heian-kyo (平安京), or "peaceful/tranquil capital"). Such a beautiful name!

There are many legends and myths associated with the temple. Some people even linked some expressions in the Tale of Genji to the scenes around the temple. Who knows. You can just imagine.


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