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It was all because of them

When you walk in o-henro outfit, people greet you or say things to encourage you.

This time, even more than the last time, some people gave food, water, or candies.

I was reminded that receiving something is always humbling. As Brother Phap Hai says in his extremely insightful book, The Eight Realizations of Great Beings Buddhist Wisdom for Waking Up to Who You Are, receiving is also giving, and giving is also receiving so that the whole act is a practice of inter-being.

(By the way, the book has been my companion ln buses, trains and where I needed to wait for sometime. It is an easy to read book, but it will take a lifetime to have its message sunk in.)

Also, it is important to remember that o-henro trail has been created by Kukai or Kobo Daishi and has been maintained by others over a thousand years. In addition, almost all of the templates I visited by destroyed at least once by fires, wars, etc., but they were rebuilt and maintained.

This wonderful pilgrimage trail wouldn't be possible if those people didn't try hard to leave a legacy behind.

Pure gratitude.


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