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How my love for Japanese started

Updated: Apr 19

Many products, including the products of art, may reach out far, much further than what the creator might have imagined.

When I was at the International University of Japan back in 1995, one of our Japanese teachers used to make us listen to a few Japanese pop songs for us to practice our listening and pronouncion.

愛は勝つ from Kan was catchy and easy to remember.

It starts with, "心配ないからね"

"Nothing to worry about (you know)."

The lyrics remind us to keep going against the odds and take a long term perspective.

One commentator said the song encouraged many people to face the difficulties.

Japanese words almost always end with a vowel, which makes it easier to sing.

It simply feels good when you sing along.

You can just breathe away and let go of all your issues.

I just loved it.

And I still love how Japanese sounds.

Kan-san: "Thank you."

He apparently assed away on 12th. He was 61.


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