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Another take on "八百万の神 "(yaoyorozu no kami)

Updated: Apr 19

In Japan, when you ask someone about their religion, they might seem confused as it's not a topic they often discuss. Over time, they've integrated various belief systems, creating a unique cultural blend.

Today, it's common to see weddings at Shinto shrines or Christian churches, funerals in Buddhist temples, and hatsumode (初詣, "the first visit at the beginning of a year) at either a shrine or temple. The concept of 八百万の神 (yaoyorozu no kami), or "eight million gods," reflects the harmony and diversity of countless gods and spirits in their world.

The video I am sharing is from Japanese artist Fuji Kaze (藤井風).

It has been viewed by more than 19 million people from all around the world.

Its key feature is how he goes to India to meet the divine power in himself.

You can turn on the subtitles to experience the richness of the lyrics.

After his experience, he seems calm and serene. This song was a source of comfort for me during some challenging times at the start of 2023.

What strikes me is the simplicity of his expression—nothing philosophical or mystical about it. I'm not sure if he'd call it a "satori" moment, but that probably doesn't matter. His sincerity and authenticity resonate deeply.


I've always been searching for the truth in the outside world,

(But) the truth is always within my heart.


I am glad I could meet me

I have become free


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