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Do we really need to...?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I wonder whether we will start thinking about what are the most essential needs are after we get out of lockdown.

Generations before us didn't have any of the luxuries we had and they survived. Yet, we behave as if our very existence depends on what we buy.

I am not saying consumption is bad.

But, I am trying to argue that we will need to think about what is essential and what is for our "feel good" factor.

The list in my mind:

  • Commute: Yes, it is good to have a nice face to face conversation as before, but should we take very crowded morning commuter trains every morning all at the same time? (Note: I live in a city 20 mins. away from Tokyo Station. Those pictures that show Japanese stationmasters pushing into the trains are not a joke.) Maybe it is OK to telework and use flextime even after the pandemic.

  • Review the shopping basket: When we did some shopping today, we wanted to focus on the most essential and nutritious food. We can do the same after the pandemic as well.

  • Review our food chain and dependency: Maybe it is better to buy food locally grown and in season. I like avocados and bananas. But, I should also pay attention to the vegetables grown in Chiba (my prefecture).


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