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A list of TED Talks: Looking past the COVID-19

Many people are at home, and looking for ways to stay sane and safe.

This series, which I will keep editing, is on pandemics.

I want to focus on not on how to cope and survive now, but look beyond.

Soon, hopefully, COVID-19 is also going to be under control. But, what is next?

I would like to compile a list of influential people who tried to see us through in the past.

Dr. Larry Brilliant's talk from 2007 is about how smallpox was eradicated. He keeps emphasizing "early detection, rapid response."

The video helps us put Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in a perspective.

Please see the section after min. 14 about the predictions toward the future as of 2007.

(Warning! There are slides on smallpox and how it impacts people. Some slides may be disturbing.)

The second video from Dr. Larry Brilliant from 2017:

The recording is from 2014. Bill Gate's main point is: let's be prepared, there is no need to panic.

A recording from 2009

After min. 5, Laurie Garrett talks about prevention.

I am curious about what, if ever, we will learn from these experts and be prepared for the next stream.

A year ago, a young scientist called Adam Kucharski, an Associate Professor and Sir Henry Dale Fellow at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, provided a TED Talk,

Around min. 2, he talks about behaviors that may spread viruses. He says in HK, people on average contact 5 people each day, while in Italy the number is 10!

He emphasizes how data collection and analysis can be the key.


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