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Updated the training outline for Digital Leadership

Upon a request from a partner company, I created an updated version of the Digital Leadership program I first developed and ran 2 years ago.

It is based on Positive Leadership principles that create the necessary conditions for driving DX. The program addresses some of the sufficient conditions from the leadership perspective as well. I can be customized for customer needs and where they are in their DX journey.

Here is the outline:


Digital leadership is about leveraging technology to drive change, but it also involves leading with a vision that aligns with digital opportunities. In the age of digital transformation, leaders are not just administrators but visionaries who can inspire and guide their organizations through profound changes. Effective digital leaders understand the importance of agility and responsiveness in their business strategies, particularly in monitoring risks and taking decisive actions.

Target audience

  • Team managers who are directly responsible for leading people

  • Individual contributors who are experts in their fields and aspire to become influential leaders in driving digital transformation

  • Experienced team members who play important project management roles


Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the multi-dimensional aspects of digital leadership, including self-leadership, peer influence, and team leadership. The course will empower participants to:

  • Develop a growth mindset necessary for continuous learning and adaptation.

  • Enhance their ability to influence and collaborate effectively within their organizations.

  • Apply leadership skills to foster a culture of agility and innovation.

  • Effectively communicate and instill a digital transformation vision among team members.

What is not covered

The program does not cover technical or tactical aspects of digitalization. Although there will be opportunities to discuss the fundamentals of upskilling and managing in hybrid/virtual connections, we will not cover topics such as how to communicate effectively in email/internal chat, how to give presentations online, how to manage/access data, run reports, transition to cloud, or how to use certain tools effectively. The essence of the program is leadership.

Content sample

Module 1: Assessment

  • Ice-breaker

  • Assessment of the organization's digital maturity

Module 2: Self-Leadership in the Digital Era

  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset and a personal vision

  • Continuous Learning and Upskilling

  • Personal Accountability and Resilience

Module 3: Leading Through Influence

  • Building Influence without Authority

  • Collaborative Techniques for Peer Interaction

  • Driving Engagement Across Disciplinary Boundaries

Module 4: Leading Teams Towards a Digital Future

  • Techniques for team development

  • Leading Change

  • Communicating the DX Vision with Passion and Clarity

Module 5: Strategic Action Planning

  • Identifying Barriers and Opportunities in DX

  • Formulating Action Plans to Overcome Challenges

  • Case Studies and Best Practices in Digital Leadership

Conclusion and Next Steps

  • Participants will conclude the workshop by presenting their personalized action plans, which they will develop throughout the course.

  • These plans will focus on applying the learned concepts to their specific roles and contexts, ensuring that they can lead effectively in their digital transformation journeys.

If you are interested, please Contact Us (the link at the top) and let's talk about your needs!


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