Thriving in turbulent times requires


stillness in dynamism
dynamism in stillness


while mastering the inter-connected disciplines


Futures Thinking & Leadership


& Digital Well-being

True Customer Centricity through Design Thinking


Coaching and Engaging Others

Mindfulness as a Path not as a Tool

Your company has been going through a massive transformation.
You are worried if your middle managers and directors who come from mostly
tech or expert backgrounds,


  • Can step up to lead the changes

  • Can collaborate with each other and other departments

  • Can think strategically

  • Can develop their teams, and 

  • Be good successors

The difference:
Unlike others who specialize in one field of expertise,
I and my partners integrate the concepts and create one coherent learning story for the audience.


  • A series of custom-made workshops where your team can close their knowledge gaps and formulate actions

  • Behavioral assessments to gauge their strengths and risks

  • 6 to 10 x 1-to-1 coaching sessions to internalize and trigger their transformation

A Seeker, An Integrator


Executive & Leadership Coach


University Lecturer

My journey from IT and tech to business 
I have been there, both where you are and where your team members are.

I have hands-on team management and senior leadership experience.

I worked in the area of product and software development in Financial Services, Insurance, IT/Software, and Legal Services for more than 22 years before transitioning to coaching and training.

Track record in multi-cultural and multi-industry coaching
I have been coaching middle managers and executives from various industries and countries in Japanese, English, and Turkish.

I have lived in Japan since the mid-90s. I have traveled to all contents (except Antarctica).

Going deep and focusing on results

As a holder of the International Coach Federation (ICF)’s Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation, I work not at the surface level issues, but on deeper issues my clients face.

Sometimes there is a knowledge gap.

Sometimes the mindset is different.

Sometimes the behavioral habits are not established.

I meet client organizations where they are and focus on the changes that will bring results.