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Future readiness starts with

Positive Leadership

Leadership that seeks possibilities and expands the organizational capacity

Your company has been going through a massive transformation.
You are worried if your leaders can,

  • Step up to lead the changes

  • Collaborate with each other and other departments

  • Develop their teams

  • Think strategically

  • Build sustainable futures

  • Balance between being supportive and firm in delivering results

Eucalyptus Tree
The offer:

  • A series of custom-made workshops that align with your goals. Workshops cover the material from the course delivered in Temple Univ. since 2020

  • Leadership assessments to gauge their strengths and risks

  • Up to 12 x 1-to-1 coaching sessions to internalize and trigger their transformation

About the company:

Commoncolors G.K. is a social business that focuses on ways of flourishing and thriving.

The purpose of Commoncolors is to facilitate positive change in people, organizations, and systems. 

  • The coaching and education business focuses on leadership and organizational development.

  • The newly formed research arm focuses on Digital Well-being and Sustainability.

The Founder


Executive & Leadership Coach

Corporate Trainer

Adjust Faculty

Coaching expertise in diverse industries and cultures

With 22 years of real industry experience, I've coached middle managers and executives across various sectors and countries, fluently communicating in Japanese, English, and Turkish. My extensive travels and life in Japan since the mid-90s enrich my coaching practice with a global perspective and understanding of diverse cultures.


Results-oriented coaching that goes deep

As an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC), I address my clients' deeper issues, meeting them where they are and fostering changes leading to real results. If you seek an experienced coach with multicultural understanding and a passion for meaningful change, let's connect.

Continuous learning and integration

My multifaceted background in digital product development, project management, leadership coaching, improvisation, psychology, mental health, sustainability studies, non-profit management, digital well-being, and futures studies allows me to offer clients a tailored approach that caters to their specific needs and goals.

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