Specially designed for

Successful mid-career professionals in ages of 35+

Who would like to reflect and seek answers within



Fully Customized to The Person

Rather than "one-size" fits all, all programs are made to fit you.


Truly Bilingual

Language is never a barrier. Delivery and text can be in both languages.


The place we meet will stimulate imagination, broaden the perspective.

You are always on "stage" playing your life


"The coaching and guidance over the period that we worked together, I feel, has opened up dimensions to my own character that I did not know existed."


"Through coaching, I learned many things about myself, about the ability to help and coach others, and about the power of empathy, reflection, and self-actualization. The coach was also a very patient, and calming source of comfort for me outside of the craziness of the business unit I was working in.”

Business Meeting
Planning Next Career Move

1-1 Coaching for mid-career professionals

Session 1:  Ideal Life and Goals (2 hrs.)

Identifying the short term and long term goals

Building a coaching plan together

Session 2-7:  Management Toolbox (1 hr./session)

Discovering strengths

Discovering resources

Evaluating the goals

Preparing for job or career changes

Reviewing resumes and profiles

Preparing for interviews

Session 8:  Final Session (1 hr.)

Checking the progress against the initial goals

Reflections on the learnings