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Why do we have pandemics (wars, disasters, crimes, etc?)

Nobody knows the answer, and nobody will.

People wonder why God allows all of this tragedy. Where is the protection?

Humans always try to seek the reason. The lack of explanation or a reason makes us uncomfortable.

Let's also remember that our brains always work in binary mode.

There has to be light after dark, something has to be good or bad, God vs. evil, something is X or not-X.

On the other hand, some spiritual traditions (like Buddhism and Sufism) tell us to see beyond our dualistic judgments.

We have different names for things. We have adjectives.

Binary ways of looking at things is a way for our consciousness to know things.

Pandemics, wars, natural disasters are what we want to avoid at all costs.

These unwanted events take things away from us: financial wealth, opportunities, livestock, and our loved ones.

Thich Nhat Hanh says,

No mud, no lotus

Let's focus on how lotus comes to be.

Let's focus on how lotus gets fed by the nutritious elements in mud to come out so beautifully.

Our nutrition will be our learnings for all this.

Maybe we are on the earth to be eternal students.


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