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Online event: "Let's have a cup of tea, mindfully" (April 10)

When: April 10, 2020 (11 pm Japan, 5 pm Turkey, 4 pm Central Europe)

How: Via Zoom. Please email me by using the form below for the meeting id.


We need to appreciate our inter-connectedness more than ever.

In these free online events, we will share our thoughts and hopes while sipping our tea.

Here is the outline of the online event on Zoom:

  • Introductions: Where we are, what our situation is

  • Sharing tea stories: What we are drinking, where we bought it, what is special about it, what we feel when we take sips.

  • Sharing our hope for the future: In the second half, we will share our hopes and dreams after the pandemic. If there are tips for other people to stay resilient, we can share those as well.


Why tea and why now?

I live in Japan, but I am originally from Turkey. Both Japanese and Turkish people consume tea on a daily basis. In fact, according to Wikipedia, Turkish people consume the most amount of tea, while Japanese people are the 10th. In both countries, we drink tea slowly. We check its color, taste, and smell. We talk about tea, but we talk about other things. Tea brings people together. I feel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing borders to get closed, but it is also forcing people to connect with another. We remember our weaknesses, our strengths, but most importantly, our humanness. I created the event to connect with other people through tea. Being online does not allow us to share the same tea, but we can share the stories. Please join me when you can. Kind regards, Mete P.S. Here is one article on how to drink tea mindfully: How to Drink a Mindful Cup of Tea


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