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Impressions-Global gigatrends

I attended an online webinar called "COVID-19, Climate, and the Clean Economy: Gigatrends Changing the World" organized by MIT Sloan Management Review with Andrew Winston.

I could see the link between COVID-19's exponential rise and how changes happen in the planet, similarly, exponentially.

Also, Andrew Winston echoed what I wrote in Crossing the boundaries that as we cross the boundaries of Nature, we are in unknown territory. We will always be fighting with diseases.

Another point that was made was increased transparency through tracking. This was raised, if I didn't misunderstand, as the only way to prevent viruses.

They also mentioned that the companies would be pushed to collaborate further to fight environmental issues.

Towards the end, they emphasized that caring for the economy should not be different from caring for the people, as people make up the economy.

These kinds of webinars are useful as they help to connect dots towards Sustainability of Businesses.


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