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Have you heard of "Zoonosis"?

According to Wikipedia

an infectious disease caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites that spread from non-human animals.

We are not sure about Coronavirus (COVID-19), but there is speculation that it is passed to humans from animals.

There are some theories that HIV was also passed from some monkey species.

Avian-flue and Swine-flue have the source animal in their names.

I was awakened by the article by Simon Evans titled, "Coronavirus has finally made us recognize the illegal wildlife trade is a public health issue."

Let's think that it is not only the "wildlife" meat.

What about the chicken, beef, and pork we buy? (Note: I don't buy pork of course, but "we" as people in general.)

Sometimes we see that those animals were kept in unhygienic and stressful conditions.

Those circumstances may create disease, as it does among humans.

The diseases cause those farm animals to be eventually killed.

Or the diseases pass to humans.

In any case, it is our lack of care that helps viruses cross from other species to us.

As Simon Evans wrote, it is not only an animal rights issue, but also a public health issue.


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