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Specially designed for

Companies and Businesses Units with Less Than 300 Employees

Foreign Companies Based in Japan

Japanese Companies That Value Diversity



Fully Customized to Align with Corporate Strategy

Rather than "one-size" fits all, all programs are made to fit you.


Truly Bilingual

Language is never a barrier. Delivery and text can be in both languages.


Integrates Mindfulness-based approaches, Management Theories with actual operations.



"Mete-san's delivery is based on his deep experiences in leadership, managing teams, and true practice of mindfulness"

"Mete's training engages everybody and interaction  deepens the learning"

"Mete-san's training covers all we need for leadership development"

Step 1

Analysis of Strategy, Mission, Goals

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4

Evaluation and Monitoring

​Management and Leadership Essentials

Session 1: Orientation (2 hrs.)

Definition and basics of Leadership

Core Management Concepts

Session 2:  Management Toolbox (4 hrs.)

Covering all key situations managers go through in theory and practice

Presented by a comprehensive "Toolbox" guide

Includes textbook, worksheets, and exercises

Session 3: Workshop (4 hrs)

Role plays, case studies, analysis

Hands-on work for planning and team development

Executive Coaching: Selected Leaders (6 x 1 hr.)

Focusing on the internalization of training content

Developing a personal leadership style

Steping up to the expectations


Diversity and Culture

Integration of Foreigners in Japan

Cross-cultural Communication in Japanese Workplace Settings

Social Leadership

Let's Define Social Mindset

Social Leadership and How to Develop One

Implementing Social Leadership in Workplace

Mental Resilience

3 Ways for Cultivating Well-Being At Work