Specially designed for

Companies and Businesses Units with Less Than 1000 Employees

Foreign Companies Based in Japan

Japanese Companies That Value Sustainability and  Inter-connected Earth



Fully Customized to Align with Corporate Strategy

Rather than "one-size" fits all, all programs are made to fit you.


Truly Bilingual

Language is never a barrier. Delivery and text can be in both languages.


Integrates Research-based Practices in Sustainability, Management Theories, and Positive Psychology



"Mete-san's delivery is based on his deep experiences in leadership, managing teams, and true practice of mindfulness"

"Mete's training engages everybody and interaction  deepens the learning"

"Mete-san's coaching is driven by his years of real experience"

"Mete-san's training covers all we need for leadership development"

Customized Change Management Framework for Sustainability

Assessment of Gaps

Consolidation of Sustainability Vision

Goals in Strategic, Operational, Organizational, Market Dimensions

Analysis of Obstacles

Integrated Communication Planning

Joint Workshops

Management alignment and action design for Sustainability
We facilitate the goal creation, alignment, and tracking process with the leadership team. Professional facilitation by an expert helps to ease internal tensions and speeds up the process.

Driving Sustainability-Oriented Innovation (SOI)
Without innovation, operational issues stall the efforts for Sustainability. Workshops will introduce innovative behaviors and bring tools to create a culture of innovation.

For global companies, Emotional (EQ) and Cultural Intelligence (CQ)
Seamless coordination and communication with overseas offices and stakeholders will bring alignment and sharing of best practices.

Developing Psychological Capital (PsyCap) of all staff
Psychological Capital (PsyCap) is known to create foundations for job satisfaction, lower resistance to change, innovative behaviors, and increased performance. Its components of Hope, Self-Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism can be fostered by training.

Social Leadership

Let's Define Social Mindset, Social Leadership and How to Develop One

Implementing Social Leadership in the Workplace

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Strategic Sustainability Leadership

Influencing Others, Championing Sustainability

Driving Sustainability-Oriented Innovation (SOI)

Fostering Emotional (EQ) and Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Developing Servant Leadership, Authentic Leadership

Developing and Coaching Team Members



What is missing - my blog on key resources I came across and referenced in developing the content

My working paper titled, Psychological Capital (PsyCap) for Fostering Sustainability Oriented Innovation (SOI) in Japan (pdf)