"Develop and increase the number of leaders who care and dare to deliver Global Sustainability beyond 2030, not only at the top of organizations but at every level in for-profit, nonprofit, and non-governmental organizations."


Programs that Deliver SDG Zero


Building Sustainability Leadership Competencies

Partnering with CHROs and Talent Management professionals to review and revise Leadership Competencies​ to incorporate the following as minimum set:

  • Systems Thinking to deal with complexities

  • Integrative Mindset to think beyond Diversity and Inclusion

  • Change Management for Sustainability



Executive Coaching on Sustainability Leadership

Partnering with High Potential Talent so that that they can be:

  • Considerate and Couragous

  • Inclusive and Strategic

  • Minful and Creative


13 Module-Workshops:

 "I SOW Today® Leadership Development for Sustainability Program"

Partnering with Executive Coaches and HR Professionals to learn and reflect through the ICF-Accredited CCE Program on the following topics:

  • Leadership For Sustainability (Fundamentals)

  • Leadership For Diversity and Inclusion

  • Coaching in Diversity

and many more.​

Why do we need an unofficial SDG Zero?

We need to think differently about the leadership development that will deliver sustainability beyond 2030. It has to be beyond becoming compliant with SDGs and shorter-term goals. The fundamental changes will need to be: 

  1. Diffusing and spreading Sustainability Leadership

  2. Having leaders a long-term perspective about product and service development

  3. Developing and using polymath-like skills as well as integrative thinking.



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